Feedback and Reviews from Maryanne’s Clients

I was told about Maryanne by a friend which had a really positive experience with her. It took me a few weeks to make the call but once I did I have never looked back.

My baby which was 8 weeks at the time was only ever napping during day. I found myself having to nurse & rock her to sleep in my arms all day long.We would rock her sleep in our arms of a night put her into bed than only after a short time we found she was waking. After 8 weeks of doing this I was absolutely exhausted and at loose ends with how I was going to get our baby to have long good sleeps in her cot.

We spent 2 months of every afternoon from 4pm to 8pm where she just screamed for hours! After a couple of doctors appointment’s thinking she had colic or reflux it was than I made the call to Maryanne to see if she could help us. Maryanne was quick to discover our baby was very tired & was missing out on hours of sleep a day which was the main contributor to her being so unsettled.

I was really quite nervous about calling her & knowing it wasn’t going to be easy that I was going to have to work hard at getting our baby into a good sleep/feed routine. It was as little as 3 days after starting we seen amazing changes in our baby. Within a couple of weeks our baby was well slept and had learnt the skill of falling asleep & self settling on her own. The constant contact which Maryanne provides has become such a great support to me. She is always so prompt to return my messages and is always so detailed & particular with everything she recommends.

Maryanne has changed our lives around & I cannot thank her enough. She is absolutely amazing & I highly recommend her.

Becky, Central Coast

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I wish I called Maryanne earlier. I had barely slept more than four hours in 24 for 10 weeks, had not been able to spend time with my toddler and was pretty much.

Maryanne was able to see straight away that I was misreading tired signs, baby was too cold and my bed times were all out. From the moment I started implementing her advice the change we saw was incredible. My baby actually smiled at me when I put him to sleep because finally I had it right. There was very little crying as he learned to settle and nothing compared to what he had been doing in a day. Within three days he was sleeping a couple of hours each nap, and only waking briefly for feeds at night and going straight back down. No more rocking, driving, walking in the pram, shoving dummies in or singing. Suddenly I had my sanity back and have even started contemplating having a third. Maryanne was on the phone constantly through out, giving me confidence and invaluable advice. If you’re thinking whether you should call, don’t wait a moment longer. Sleep deprivation is torture and Maryanne will definitely be able to help.

Chloe, Central Coast

Maryanne did an amazing job at identifying the issues and giving a plan to move forward. We are only on day 3 and our 22 month old slept through the night last night for the first time in months. We are so pleased!

Sally, Central Coast

Thank you Maryanne for your practical tips that helped me teach my 3 month old how to go to sleep and stay asleep on her own. Our family is now a well-rested family and my husband and I both want to be the ones to get our bub when she wakes!

Kristen, Newcastle

I have recommended Maryanne to many Mums I know, because I really believe in the techniques that she shares. What makes her really special is that she has personally lived through the experiences of all new Mums. Her expertise and passion are invaluable for anyone looking for some sleep for themselves and their baby.

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Sharon, Central Coast

You are the master Maryanne. I would never have been able to cope with 4 kids under 3 if I had not met you when my first born was a little sleepless tacker. I will forever be indebted to you and your valuable support.

Michelle, North Queensland

Love, love, love this lady. Her help and advice was an absolute godsend for all my kids. If you are having any sleep or routine problems with your kids, I would highly recommend contacting Maryanne. I can’t say enough good things.

Amanda, Central Coast

It took me a few weeks to make the call to Maryanne. But as soon as I did, I wished I’d done it sooner (and 4.5 years ago for our first child!)  My 10 month old daughter was waking 5 or 6 times a night, often within an hour of going to bed. She moved around so much in her cot that she continually woke herself up and she would often wake at about 5am and scream until she was given a bottle. I admit, I was sceptical of a routine change and I was really nervous about the removal of her sleep aids, but as soon as the dummy went, she slept like a dream. I was so happy with the results I saw even just in the first day.  We are now 7 days in and she has slept through the night 6 nights out of 7 without a dummy! She is sleeping now from 6.30pm to 6.30am every night. She sleeps so soundly now that even though she still moves around a lot, it doesn’t wake her.  The mobile support that Maryanne provides is fabulous and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to anyone (in fact, I already have). Thank you for giving us our sleep (and sanity) back!

Nikki, Sydney

Thank you Maryanne for your practical tips that helped me teach my 3 month old how to go to sleep and stay asleep on her own. Our family is now a well-rested family and my husband and I both want to be the ones to get our bub when she wakes!   I can recommend Maryanne’s service for two reasons – firstly, Maryanne’s guidelines look at everything relating to bub -feeding, up time, bubs sleep attire, how to keep bub well rested when out and about. Most importantly the guidelines are based on the bubs sleep needs-when bub is tired, not a rigid routine that is based on the clock. The guidelines continue to work for your bub as bub grows because you stay in tune with your bubs tired signs and increasing energy and up time. Maryanne gives you practical guidelines that work. And secondly, Maryanne’s availability on phone and text during the implementation phase is invaluable and what makes you able to succeed. The first week is hard for mum and bub because it takes time to get used to a new way of doing things, but the support from Maryanne step by step, sometimes minute by minute when watching for tired signs, means teaching your bub to sleep is only a few sleeps away. I can’t recommend Maryanne enough.

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Kristen, Newcastle

Maryanne was truly a life saver for our family. Our problem was our 18 month old was waking multiple times at night and not napping properly during the day. With Maryanne’s planning and set routine we were able to “fix” these issues within weeks of starting out. We never thought we would see that light at the end of the tunnel but we are 3 months down the track and that light is shining brightly!!! The transformation of our little girl is amazing. She’s so much happier now she’s getting proper sleep. I highly recommend Maryanne. The support she provides is above and beyond!! Great lady!!

Lyndel, Central Coast

As a second time mum I didn’t think I “should” need help getting my second baby to sleep. So I persevered for 8 weeks…realizing that my poor baby was exhausted and unhappy all the time (as was her Mummy). I decided I had to put my pride aside and get help! A mother in my Mothers Group had mentioned her before so I looked Maryanne up, phoned that day and made an appointment. I continued to question whether it would be worth it, whether I was just being silly etc until she arrived that Monday and instantly I felt better, we made a few adjustments to the sleeping arrangements and routine, some were easy, some harder…but the whole time Maryanne was available for support. Now nearly 4 weeks on, my daughter is a different baby, she laughs and smiles in her awake time and has learnt to settle herself to sleep and through her sleep cycles! My eldest daughter is happier too because she is less jealous and gets more quality time with me (instead of me pacing the house trying to get her little sister to sleep!)

Hannah, Central Coast

Maryanne, you’re a magician! I came to you starved of sleep and in under two weeks my 6 month old and I have come on leaps and bounds! Your advice is sensible, practical and sound. The two hour consultation was great – but the ongoing level of support and personal attention we have received from you is above and beyond any expectations I had for how someone could have helped me through this. You have helped me every step of the way. The contact I have had with you at each decision: sleeptimes, naptimes, feedtimes and up times has been invaluable …. you have been wonderful, thank you from the bottom of my heart

Deborah, Sydney

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My experience with Maryanne was amazing, she came in and knew exactly what my baby boy needed! Everything she advised me to do worked perfectly I’m one happy Mummy! I would have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone, Thank you Maryanne!

Kathryn, Central Coast

I contacted Maryanne to help with our 10 month old son. We were yet to sleep through the night. Maryanne provided detailed, specific information and extensive support throughout the whole process. I was certainly surprised by the instant support and feedback Maryanne provided. It feels amazing to sleep through the night, we feel refreshed! I would recommend Maryanne to anyone having any sleep issues. I have recommended Maryanne to my friends and one of them has made an appointment in the coming week. Couldn’t recommend Maryanne enough!

Keira, Central Coast

I didn’t know what sleep was for six months. I was at a loss and didn’t know what to do. Maryanne not only showed me the way she provided the support I needed to get through it! I can’t thank her enough, my son is 2 now and I can’t imagine how hard it would be now without Maryanne!!!!

Christine, Central Coast

I was recommended Maryanne by a friend and was a bit hesitant to call for a few days but after a long few weeks with my 9 week old only sleeping 10 mins at a time all day and being utterly exhausted by the end of each day and next to no happy awake time I thought – what have I got to lose!!! Maryanne has helped me teach my baby how to self-settle, helped me get a routine which is reliable yet flexible to go by day to day.
From day one she has been in constant contact with help on what to do next in situations, advice and more importantly support that I could not have done this without. After 3 days there was a huge improvement in my daughter’s mood and now a week and a half in, my daughter (although still learning as am I) is much happier and sleeping a lot sounder.  All round our home life has become much less stressful and we are now enjoying our happy daughter and it would not have happened so quickly without Maryanne. I’ll happily and confidently recommend Maryanne to anyone I speak with that is having sleeping and settling problems with their own babies of any age.

Danielle, Central Coast

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We used Maryanne’s advice and methods with our 3rd child. He is now sleeping beautifully and the entire household is reaping the benefits!! Can only imagine how easy life could have been had we met Maryanne after having our first!! Thanks Maryanne your advice and support in the initial stages was invaluable!!

Kelli, Central Coast

I can’t thank Maryanne enough ! My son being 9 months was never napping more than 30 mins a day and waking 5 to 6 times a night. It was horrible to see him tired all the time and not being able to enjoy my time with him as he was always cranky. I had been to sleep schools , bought books and nothing seemed to work. I was actually recommended to Maryanne and I can’t thank her enough, from first contact she was amazing – so friendly and non-judgmental and just listened to the issues we were having and explained in detail exactly why things were happening . After receiving the plan, there was no rush pushed onto me when to start and she was contactable all the time (all over the phone for me due to being in a different state). The first few days were rough but Maryanne was supportive and reassuring. I could never imagine having a sleeping child, and now I do !!!! I would wake up at nights to check him because I couldn’t believe he was sleeping more than 3 hours ! She has defiantly helped me to enjoy my son now. He is a completely different baby. Thank you !! :)

Tash, Brisbane

My husband & I have started the new year actually getting some sleep which we didn’t think was possible. Our 3 and a half month old was a terrible sleeper, only sleeping 5 hours overnight with feeds every 2 hours and in blocks of 40 minutes during the day. He was hard to settle and constantly overtired. We are almost 2 weeks into our routine and he is now able to sleep at night for most of the 13 hours he is bed and having good long naps during the day. He has also begun teething in the past few days which just makes me even more grateful we got Maryanne in when we did. I have no doubt our subsequent babies will be much easier as we will be getting the life saver Maryanne in when they are newborns! I will be recommending her to anyone I know for sleep and settling issues.

Melissa, Central Coast

The support and guidance you provide to families is invaluable and you go far and beyond the home visit! We used Maryanne with our newborn (5 weeks old) who was just snacking and snoozing all day and not in any routine! 
Once we were able to implement Maryanne’s routine our family became less stressed, less sleep deprived and much, much happier! I only wish I had used Maryanne with my first son as I was sleep deprived for 2 years with him!! Highly recommend this wonderful lady!!!

Christina, Central Coast

I cannot thank Maryanne enough for what she did for our little family. Jonathan never really slept for longer than 3 hours at night but then it got worse and he was waking every hour to hour and half and we went on like that for months. It would also take me ages to put him to sleep in the first place and I tried everything. Then I finally called Maryanne because it was starting to really hurt my 3 year old as she wasn’t getting the time she deserved. And of course I couldn’t continue much longer with the tiny disrupted sleep that I was surviving on. From the first call, I was so happy I felt like she understood me and was going to help me solve this…..and she did!! 
From the first night surprisingly Jonathan slept straight through (I didn’t) and pretty much every night after that. Day sleeps improved as well and now he is a well-rested almost 1 year old who knows what he’s supposed to do when I put him in his bed. Maryanne was there for me every step of the way and I was in awe of the detail, time and care that she gave me. I have already recommended her to a friend and they have also had great success, so thank you Maryanne!!!! My only regret is that I didn’t call you sooner

Natalie, Central Coast

Maryanne seriously has a gift. Thanks to her my partner is back in our bed and the baby in his. My son now sleeps so much more (as he should) and is such a happier and more content baby as Maryanne helped us to teach our baby to sleep.

Casey, Central Coast

I discovered Maryanne when our first daughter was 14 months and we were having a lot of trouble with her transition from 2 day sleeps to 1. She solved all of my problems then and has helped me to no end again with my 2nd daughter. I didn’t want to end up making all the same mistakes again so I called Maryanne when she was 2 weeks old. She got us straight into a structured day which made it so much easier for my eldest daughter and keeping up with her activities and helped me completely avoid the sleep deprived state i was in with my first!  I highly recommend Maryanne for any child sleep problems whether it be newborn or toddler! She has turned this 2nd newborn stage into the most enjoyable experience for our whole family!

Bianca, Central Coast

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Great baby sleep consultant

Jodhi, Central Coast

Maryanne, thank you for your assistance and guidance with my daughter’s sleeping routine. Before we met you our lives were very different! We would spend no less than an hour and a half each night walking around the house trying to settle our baby to sleep and she would only sleep for three hours and wake again! You have taught and coached us to read tired signs and most importantly how to teach our baby to settle and resettle herself. Our baby is now sleeping through and only wakes up once for a feed during the night. Thanks for giving us our lives back, we really appreciate your help.

Prathana, Central Coast

I got in touch with Maryanne at a real low point after spending hours and hours researching sleep and settling and confusing myself a hundred times over. My 3 month old had never been a good day sleeper and it felt like I had spent 3 months in a constant cycle of rocking, patting, shushing, singing and cuddling to get 40 minutes of light sleep from my overtired baby. Maryanne showed me that my baby wasn’t a ‘bad sleeper’ at all – on day one of the programme she settled herself to sleep 3 times and got about 2 and a half hours sleep and it has improved steadily from there. What I wasn’t expecting was that the nights would get even better too.  Not only does Maryanne’s programme work, but she gave me confidence to implement it myself, and her constant contact over the first few days empowered me to keep going. Her availability for follow up advice has ensured that I don’t doubt myself or my baby and our old habits feel a lifetime ago (actually 2 weeks). A few tough days (that weren’t nearly as tough as I expected), have absolutely changed my family’s life – thank you Maryanne.

Laura, Central Coast